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RSA VIA Upgrade and Migration Issue

Question asked by Oguz Asik on Dec 12, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by Boris Lekumovich

We want to upgrade out product from RSA VIA 7.0 to RSA VIA 7.0.1
For this, firstly I download the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Upgrade and Migration Guide V7.0.1 pdf file and followed the insturctions lines below:

1. Download the file from from RSA Link at
2. Copy the zip file to the machine hosting the pre-7.0.1 RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle
3. Log on to the database machine as root.
Chapter 2: Pre-Upgrade Tasks for Migrating Collectors 10
Upgrade and Migration Guide
4. Extract the zip file to a temporary directory on the system. For example, on an RSA appliance
extract to /tmp/aveksa.
5. Change the permissions on the script files to allow execution privileges. Enter
chmod 755 <filename>
where <filename> is the name of the script.


At the end of these steps, I got a set of reports named "Migration" under the Reports>Tabular Reports on UI. I examined every single report but I did not understand at all, beacuse I am expecting to get an information which tells me the differences between both products and what do I have to do before install the RSA VIA 7.0.1.

Also, when I preview a random report under the Reports>Tabular Raports> Migration Reports tab, I see there is no data after the process. Can you please help me to understand at this point?