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Move from Log Hybrid to Standalone Appliance - Data Backup & Restore Procedures

Discussion created by Deepanshu Sood on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2017 by John Kisner

Hello All,


I have a requirement from one of my customer's which have many appliances in their SA solution of log hybrid.

So now what they want is to dedicate each standalone appliance for each service, like 1 appliance for log decoder & 1 for concentrator for logs.


Their log hybrid appliance is also connected with multiple DAC's.


So here the main challenge is to have a proper data backup & restore of everything like configs, data backup, DB backup of both the services.


As the customer have strict compliant conditions in their environment, so that i just want to be sure that the data for any services which we takes the backup from log hybrid appliance, must work after the restoration of it on the new & re-imaged appliance.


So I am just wondering that, is there any specific document is available to do so, that of what & how we can take the data backup properly without losing even a single raw log file & indexed log file from log decoder & concentrator


And how to do this.


Kindly advise. This is bit urgent. Thanks.



Deepanshu Sood.