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SQL Query for retrieving All Role Members

Question asked by Razvan Dumitriu on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2017 by Razvan Dumitriu

Hi all,


We have encountered an issue in which a previously working query is no longer producing the expected results, after upgrading from Patch 09 to Patch 18.

We were using "AVUSER"."V_BIZROLESMEMBERSHIPS" view in order to retrieve all user members (both direct and indirect members) of a role.
After applying Patch 18 we noticed that the indirect members are no longer returned.


The view uses T_AV_EXPLODEDUSERENTITLEMENTS table from which all 'rdc_id=-1" roles were removed. That is why the data is no longer there. The deletion was done as part of ACM-65318 which states 

"should have" entitlements should not be displayed on the USer->Access tab

Is there any other view available which returns indirect role members as well?


Thank you,