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Security Context File not working

Question asked by Hemanth Kumar on Dec 19, 2016



We have a requirement as few stake holders (business owner, backup business owner, technical owner) should not have privilege to collect ADC and EDC. 


To achieve this, I've added the below lines 


Application,Business Owner,View,,scope,,t_applications,business_owner=${id} and resource_type='A' and is_deleted='FALSE'
Application,Backup Business Owner,View,,scope,,t_applications,cau1=${id} and resource_type='A' and is_deleted='FALSE'
Application,Technical Owner,View,,scope,,t_applications,technical_owner=${id} and resource_type='A' and is_deleted='FALSE'


Here am facing inconsistent behavior like once uploaded the file, business owner functionalities worked but not technical owner, so restarted the service. Now its vice versa (technical owner privileges works not business owner). 


Could any one please help on this. I am using RSA  Via L&G 7.0 Patch 3


Thanks in advance