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Request Form - Date Format Issue

Question asked by Marco Sannino on Dec 21, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by Marco Sannino

Hi all,


i'm working on a use case where the requestor chooses a "Start date" and the request form calculate the "Expiration Date" according to Start Date + 100 days. In our environment we have a "Sample Date Form" that shows how to use some RSA function to add days (It's the same example that we can find also in this community). If i use it with English US date format (MM/DD/YYYY) it works fine while if i choose Italian or Spanish Date format (DD/MM/YYYY) it won't work giving NaN (like it only reads English Date Format) and of course i choose the format from the user options.

The function i'd like to use is this:

avform.addDaysToDaySetString('addedToString', value, 2, 'startd');

where addedToString is a text field value, value is the Start Date, 2 is 2 days to add and 'startd' is the form field from which it should take the date format.

Any suggestion?

Thank you in advance


Marco Sannino

Moviri SpA

Milan, Italy