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Doing a 7.1 Migration to an 8.1 populated DB.  Do I need to clear or delete the data in 8.1 first?

Question asked by George Nathaniel on Dec 22, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2016 by George Nathaniel

Hi All, so we are doing a dev environment DB migration from 7.1 SP4 DB into a existing 8.1 SP1 sp15 DB.  We we did this when the 8.1 DB was empty, it worked fine.  All of the AMBA bulk imports and Exports were fine. 

Now that there is existing user and Tokens in the 8.1 DB, the AMBA imports and exports are not working. 


Just wondering if the 8.1 DB should be cleaned up or purged somehow, if so, is there a document that details how this is done?