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How to show/hide attributes in Popups?

Question asked by Razvan Dumitriu on Jan 4, 2017
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First of all I want to wish you Happy New Year and good luck, both personally and professionally.


I was looking around the communities in regards to specifying which attributes to be displayed in popup screens for different objects and I cannot seem to find anything. Sorry if I missed something.


My main concern is the User object for which we have several attributes defined (ootb or custom) and populated via IDCs.


Within approval or fulfillment activities the involved resources cannot see all needed details of the affected users:

user popup - after clicking on the user link


As you can notice, there are only two attributes displayed, but this is not enough for the approvers/resolvers and I would like to ask how to configure that window to display extra attributes for users without administrative privileges.

(I could edit the workflow and include those details in the form, but I would like not to move extra logic in the workflow)


I have found a KB article which it presents the limits and not how to modify these: 000033247 - RSA Via Lifecycle & Governance Information Defined in User Detail Popups  :

For non-privileged users, only the user’s name, title, business unit and availability status are shown


Thank you for your time and assistance.


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