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Invoking Webservice-loginUser with a thirdparty SSO configuration

Question asked by Sunita Bhat on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by Marco Sannino

I am on RSA7P05 and was trying to use the Webservice API. There is a third party SSO Authentication setup in the environment.

When I call the loginuser using the AveksaAdmin user credential, I receive the token back, but when I add additional parameter for invoking the authProvider:




I get:

    <body>User could not be validated. The username or password may be incorrect.
 Query String=cmd=loginUser</body>


To me it feels that it is not invoking the thirdParty SSO module at all.


Does anyone know how to invoke Webservice-loginUser with a thirdparty SSO configuration?


Note: is the user_id of an identity collected in the IMG environment and there is not other authentication module configured apart from Aveksa and DEVSAMLSSO