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webservice findUserAccountMappings filtering options

Question asked by Andrew Beauchamp on Jan 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by Razvan Dumitriu

Hello RSA Link,


I have an interesting problem not sure if anyone can help.   I'm using a webservice call findUserAccountMappings and it can return one (or more) mapping for the an account.


My command: 

Comnand:  findUserAccountMappings&format=properties&returnColumns=user_id&account_id=1975

Return:       user_id=2507,2528

As you can see there it is returning two users ids.  Two double check, I've ran the follow database query to ensure it is a valid response. 


Query the Database on the account:

select * from PV_USER_ACCOUNT_MAPPING where ACCOUNT_ID = '1975';





I only the most recent valid mapping.  This account is actively mapped to userid 2507 and was mapped to 2528 in the past.


In the database, DELETION_DATE is a null value.  


For example: 




The above examples do not work.  


How do I filter by DELETION_DATE when there is not date?  This value is the only one available which can distinguish the two results?


For context - this command is used to reset employee passwords when the account is mapped to one user.