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Access Request Forms allowing dynamic variable values for request

Question asked by Vinodhini Selvaraj on Jan 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by Vinodhini Selvaraj

We have created an access request form, where the users are presented with all the t-codes and they can request the app roles based on the t-codes.


We have created a request form to do the following.,


Step 1: The Access request form shows all the available t-codes to the end-user in a webservice drop down.

Step 2: The End-user can select the appropriate t-code required from the drop down.(Only selection of one t-code at a time is possible)

Step 3: The App-roles relevant to the t-code selected by the user appears for request

Step 4: The End-user can select the relevant app-roles for submission.


Our customer is expecting a model where, when an app role is added, the selection must appear in the same page along with other added app-roles, showing the end-user all the requested app-roles at once as on when they are added. But, in the current set up, we will only be able to see all the added app-roles in the submission page. I understand this is a behavior of the product, also I have tried using an entitlement table for the t-codes instead of a drop down, but it doesn’t seem to work, as

G&L assumes them as entitlements or accounts that needed to be added to the user. So, we could not potentially use it in this scenario for t-code selection.


(In the sample below :- 

I have selected two app roles Role1 and Role2, but in order to do that, I had to select first the T-codes Tcode1 and then app role Role1 and second select Tcode2 and then app role Role2. and it is expected that we should be able to see both Role1 and Role2 as on when they are added in the same page)


Have anyone come across a similar implementation, Please share your ideas ?