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Windows Authentication Agent still connecting to old primary appliance

Question asked by Hennie Havenga on Jan 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2017 by Jay Guillette


I need your help, I have replaced our replica appliance with a new unit, then promoted it to the new primary appliance (not changing naming)  so now our old primary is now the replica and the new replica is now the new primary.


Now I need to remove the old primary which is now the replica to put in another new unit then make that the new replica and over time promote it back to the new Primary as its physical location is where all our servers are and the replicas physical location is at the Dr site.


When I switched the old primary off which is now the replica the windows authentication agents stopped authenticating as they are pointing to the old primary....


What is the correct way to now get all the Authentication agents to look at the new Primary to authenticate against? I cannot find any info in the manual AM 8.2