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Supervisor Reference Resolution doesn't work properly

Question asked by Diana Sansone on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by Diana Sansone

Hi all,


We have two Identity Collectors named AD_CNX_PRO_IDC and AD_RDG_PRO_IDC, that collect data from two different Active Directory sources, AD CNX and AD RDG. These Collectors participate in the Unification process and are used to Create Users (img1). Because we want collect the "Supervisor" attribute from both ADs, we set these User Data Mappings in both collector (img2):

  1.  Supervisor : manager
  2.  A custom attribute AD-CNX DN mapped as  AD-CNX DN : distinguishedName, for AD_CNX_PRO_IDC Collector (AD-RDG DN : distinguishedName , for AD_RDG_PRO_IDC Collector)


Note that, if a user is provisioned on both the endpoints, both AD-CNX DN and AD-RDG DN attributes are populated.


Furthermore we set two Reference Resolutions in the Unification Config (img3):

  1. Supervisor resolves to UnifiedView.AD-CNX DN (for AD_CNX_PRO_IDC)
  2. Supervisor resolves to UnifiedView.AD-RDG DN (for AD_RDG_PRO_IDC)


This is the system behaviour:

  • If the user is provisioned on both the Endpoints, identity collection and unification processes work fine, the corresponding AD-CNX DN (and AD-RDG DN) and the Supervisor attributes are set properly.
  • If the user is provisioned only on AD CNX (or only on AD RDG), the corresponding AD-CNX DN (or AD-RDG DN) attribute is set properly, while the Supervisor attribute is not set.