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10.6 Virtual Decoder dropping more packets than 10.3 Physical Decoder

Question asked by Jeremy Kerwin on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2017 by Jeremy Kerwin

I've only had our 10.6 Virtual Decoder online for about 24 hours, and it has dropped more packets than what our 10.3 physical decoder over it's entire life span.


I'm a little concerned, so I was wondering if there are anyways to determine if this is something normal with 10.6 (ie. filtering etc) or should I be investigating more to find a cause to the problem.


Some stats for reference.

10.6 Virtual Decoder10.3 Physical Decoder
Max Capture Rate846 MbPS987 MbPS
Total Captured
1.6 Billion Packets8.1 Billion Packets
Total Dropped
172.5 Million Packets (0% loss)
10,235 Packets (0% loss)
Total Packets
1.6 Billion Packets
498.6 Billion Packets