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Replacing expiring tokens via Self Sevice

Question asked by George Nathaniel on Jan 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2017 by George Nathaniel

Hi All, 


We have a high number of tokens expiring soon and this is our first time using our new 8.1 self service portal for replacement.   One thing we are noticing in testing is that the users can definitely go on the site, hit replace and get a CTKIP activation email with the new token activation details... 


We are only deploying desktop PC and MAC tokens


After the user goes through the activation process, the token gets imported and the process completes. 


The issue is it appears that the old token is still retained as the current token and the new one shows as "Pending Replacement" 

Does anyone know if this is by design?  It would make sense that the new token will not become active until the current token actually expires in a few days. 


If this isn't the correct behavior... what else does the user need to do to activate the new token and begin using it?  




Version 8.1 r14