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Attribute Sync: transform to date type

Question asked by Bilal Essa on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2017 by Bilal Essa

We currently have a field from the HR Identity feed that indicates 'Last working Day', and would like to sync to AD (accountExpires) when this is updated.


Account custom attribute: "Expiry Date"

User custom attribute: "Last working day"


The account is populated by an AD collector, and the user by a database collector.

Both custom attributes are Date type.


Have setup the attribute sync as follows:

(using the transform in #1, and not in #2)

Attribue Sync config


1: I have tried using the transform to convert the date to the required format:

Date Transform

though am still receving the following error message:

"Unparseable date: "04-MAY-17". Value of 'accountExpires should be in 'MM/dd/yy HH:mm a' format

 The AFX connector (Active Directory) 'Update an Account' capability has

accountExpires as a parameter and is mapped to ${Account.Expiry.Date}


2: I have also tried converting the date in a SQL node on the Workflow:

Has removed the transform on the sync, and used the following query:

"Select distinct

to_char(usr.cus_attr_user_cad_1, 'MM/dd/yy HH12:mi am') as AFXCUSTOM_expiry_date_test

FROM t_master_enterprise_users usr join t_av_user_account_mappings map

on join t_av_accounts acc on

where account_id='${access_request_cri_acc_id}'


The AFX connector (AD) 'Update an account' capability has

accountExpires mapped to ${Expiry_Date_Test},

and mapped ${Account.Expiry_Date} to a random AD field since it is required.


I am still receiving error message:

Unparseable date: "${Expiry_Date_Test}". Value should be in ...... (as above)



Any ideas?