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Entitlement Rule to retrieve Entitlements in Access Request forms

Question asked by Vinodhini Selvaraj on Jan 26, 2017
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We are trying to apply an entitlement rule that will show all the entitlements based on a condition on the approle that's mapped to the entitlement. The SQL returns an accurate 5000 records when tested in the database but when applied in the Entitlement rule in the Request form, the page turns unresponsive and keeps Loading Data.


Can the entitlement rule pick up data based on ent name ?


x."Entitlement Name" in (select distinct res.NAME from T_RESOURCES res,T_ENTITLEMENTS ent,T_ENT_GRP_MEMBERSHIPS entgrpmem,T_ENTITLEMENT_GROUPS entgrp
where res.ID=ent.resource_id and ent.ID=entgrpmem.MEMBER_ID and
and ent.APPLICATION_ID='xx' and ent.ACTION_NAME like 'xx' and entgrp.NAME like '%xx%')


Please share your ideas.