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Question asked by Dan Murphy on Jan 31, 2017

We're struggling with the 'canned' reports. Specifically, V_AVR_ER_ITEM_DETAIL which is ALMOST just what we need. However, it doesn't include

  • The Account ID (The account referred to as Derived from in some views). In my example, dba
  • It also includes the reviewer id (PV_USERS.ID), and the reviewer first name, last name but not the reviewer's PV_USERS.UNIQUE_ID <- in our case, NUID (RACF). In my example, A123456
  • Action_Date (the date / time that line item was reviewed)


 If it included those 3 columns, we could use it for all of our review reports.


For instance, a file like this:

account, user_id, entitlement


We need to know the source of the account (dba) the user associated with it (A123456) and the entitlement.


Just expected a ITEM DETAIL to include ALL item details.


Want to avoid too much custom queries, as we already have hundreds