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Does acetest have a functional purpose beyond just testing?

Question asked by BENJAMIN MORRIS on Feb 2, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2017 by Edward Davis



We're in the process of automating some of our new deployments of RSA. Currently, we're looking at installing the Authentication Agent on RHEL (RSA Authentication Agent 7.1 for PAM Installation and Configuration Guide for RHEL ) as part of our Linux VM spinup steps.


Our Linux team has told me that the current barrier to full automation is running the acetest program, which performs a test authentication. Our Linux team has told me that running acetest causes the client to register with the console. However, it also requires a 2FA authentication, and getting the RSA passcode is basically impossible to automate.


So I have a few questions and proposed solutions I wanted to run by you guys:

1. Does acetest have a functional purpose other than just testing authentication? Does something special happen in that first connection? If so, are there alternative ways of registering the client with the console?

2. Does it matter what account is used as part of the acetest program? Could I test it using a very locked-down account that has a fixed RSA passcode on it?