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How to assign license after a particular period of time in office 365.

Question asked by Rajkiran Paul on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by Rajkiran Paul

Hi Experts,


  • Please condider the following rules :

        Rule 1:  we have birth right rule to create account in AD.

        Rule 2:  we have Birth right rule to assign license in office 365 created account .


  • Please consider the following scenerio in sequence :


1) As soon as user will onboard to the RSA system ,birth right AD provisioning rule(Rule 1) will trigger and AD account will be create.


2) We have some other program (not integrated with RSA) which will collect those AD created account and will create  account in office 365 without any license.This will take 2-3 hours to crate account in office 365.


3)The above process (step 2) is an individual process which we dont want to disturb.


4)Now RSA Birth right assign license in office 365 rule's(  Rule 2)  job is to assign license to office 365 account which is created by step 2.



How to achieve step 4?How RSA will identify that the account is created?How to design that fulfilment workflow?Do we need to apply delay node?Please show me the AFX fulfilment?