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Database .XML file output Not parsable

Question asked by Mohd Saad Khan on Feb 3, 2017

Hi All,

I have integrated one of MS SQL 2012 Arcos databse with RSA SA and we are collecting logs from specific table from it.

The modified XML is;


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<description>ARCOS PIM Solution</description>

<description>ARCOS PIM Solution</description>



Select * from ARCOSDB.dbo.SIEMARCOSenvision where ID > '%TRACKING%' ORDER BY ID
<maxTrackingQuery>Select max(ID)EventTimeStamp from ARCOSDB.dbo.SIEMARCOSenvision</maxTrackingQuery>



And the output we are getting is in below format :


%Arcos: 25067||9200||2017-02-03 16:16:02.000||(null)||10263||SACHINS||(null)||[64006A255A02][BFEBFBFF000306C3][DKK2T72][ACM4.7.8.3]||(null)||(null)||(null)||21241||10026||||admin||App Web Browser||21333||03-02-2017 16:15:21||03-02-2017 16:15:30||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)||(null)


The issue is due to presence of || in between logs neither I am getting parse logs and all are coming under unknown nor I am able to create a proper parser.

I have also used

<outputDelimiter>','</outputDelimiter> above <interval>10</interval> and many more combination but failed to get logs in that situations.

Can anyone help me out in this situation?