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Create identity using register user form type

Question asked by Pankaj Dabral on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by Marco Sannino



I have two identity source ( Oracle DB and AD) configured from where I pull the identities into RSA.


Based on above, below are the queries:


1) I want to configure Register User form through which I should be able to create identities in Oracle DB identity source. Is it possible to do so?


2) If I have just one identity source i.e. oracle DB (one of the tables has all the identities), is it possible to create identities in the oracle db using register user form.


3) If the answer to any of the above option is yes, then is it possible to modify the identity attribute from RSA UI which gets updated in the identity source using AFX?


4) I see that there is an option to terminate a user from RSA UI which is under access tab of the user profile. Is there an option to reactivate the already terminated user from RSA UI?


Thanks for your time and help.