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RSA Secure upgrade to 8.2

Question asked by Scott Synstegaard on Feb 6, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by Brian Twomey

I have 3 RSA Secure ID Servers One Primary and two Replicate.  I also have two Tier Servers.

The Primary and Replicate are at 8.0.5 and are scheduled for update to service pack 8.1.  At the same time we are going to upgrade to 8.2.3.

My question is what is the best practice to execute this.  I was told to start with the service pack 8.1 load itRSA on the primary server verify it works then load sp on the two replicate servers. 

Then load the upgrade on the primary for 8.2.  This is where I have trouble.  Should I reload the tier servers before I upgrade the replicate servers?