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Need help with soft tokens, qr codes and self-service

Question asked by David Beitler on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by Edward Davis

I must be missing something.  We are wanting to deploy soft tokens, using QR codes and the self service console.  We have set up a web tier and have access to the self service console, and create a profile, and assigned a soft token to a test user.  Now this will be a user that has no other way to log in.  From the self service console, I can click on "enable token".  But the user is the requested for an "Enablement Code".  Nowhere in the process of assigning, is there a mention of such a code.  So how would the user know what to enter?  Looking at the soft tone in the security console, I can see an activation code, but I assume this is different.  Is there a "howto" or guide somewhere that would tell a customer service rep specifically how to convey this information to the end user?  What am I missing here