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Can't add Reporting Engine

Question asked by Daria Muravyova on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by Raquel Sanders


I've looked through similar poblems on this forum but haven't found answer.

I can't add Reporting Engine service (Test connection failed).

I checked status rsasoc_re - it is running. I checked logs ( /home/rsasoc/rsa/soc/reporting-engine/logs/reporting-engine.log) - no errors or warnings. But there is no 51113 port among listening ports (according netstat).

In the same time telnet localhost 51113 works fine. Iptables service was turned off.

I have tried to reinstall re-server with removing home directory - nothing changed. In fact, I removed re-server (with yum or rpm), removed home directory, then rebooted server. After that re-server somehow appeared on my machine by itself.

I'm on 10.6.2.