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Verification of entitlement provisioning

Question asked by Sandeep Sharma on Feb 12, 2017
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I have an application, which has 2 entitlement (application roles) collectors configured.


Entitlement Collector A: Collects complete set of application roles for the application i.e. ALL possible application roles which can be granted to accounts

Entitlement Collector B: Collects actual application roles for accounts in the application


The add/ remove/ update access form, has an entitlement table control which points/ reads application roles from both Entitlement Collector A and B.

After the application roles are (added/ removed) provisioned for that account, the activity enters the Pending Verification state.


I now run account and entitlement collectors for the application.


As I am collecting actual account entitlements via Entitlement Collector B, will the watch (pending verification) close or remain open?


Based on my testing, the activity remains in Pending Verification state. Only if I collect the actual entitlements via Collector A as well, does the activity complete!


Can someone please confirm that this is the expected product behavior?