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Problems with Authentication After Restarting ACM

Question asked by Mary Trunk on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2017 by Sunita Bhat

We have 4 authentication sources configured in our UAT environment. The 4 configuration sources are
AveksaAdmin,  SSO, Active Directory ADC, and Active Directory IDC (for test user authentication).  All 4
authentication sources  work.  In our DEV environment, we have 3 authentication sources configured.  The 3 configuration sources are AveksaAdmin, Active Directory ADC, and Active Directory IDC (for test user authentication).
All configurations in DEV and UAT are virtually identical, and several sets of eyes have verified this.  The data also
appears identical(and is pulled from the same source).   In an attempt to get the Active Directory ADC authentication source to work, I restarted ACM in our DEV environment.  Apparently, this was a mistake.  Previously, the Active Directory IDC authentication source worked.  Now it doesn't work either! (Aveksa Admin Still works).  Also, I can perform
test authentications from the Admin/System/Authentication (specific authentication source) Test button.  All
authentications work in test mode. 
I am puzzled why restarting ACM would cause the Active Directory ADC authentication process to stop working.
The answer to this question may also help resolve the problem with the IDC test authentication process.
I appreciate any help you can give me.

Note:  Originally the problem with the DEV IDC test authenticator seemed related to restarting ACM.  Later, it was

discovered the problem with the test authenticator was operator error.  The problem with the DEV Active Directory ADC authentication source still exists.