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IMG recognize secondary e-mail addresses

Question asked by Steve Fuson on Feb 17, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by Steve Fuson

My company is migrating our mail servers from on-prem into the cloud.  While we're in transition, e-mails from the accounts in the cloud are showing with a different SMTP address to mailboxes still on-prem.






The primary SMTP hasn't changed, so e-mails from IMG sent to are being received, but the responses aren't showing as coming from the same address, so IMG isn't recognizing the user's replies and e-mail  approvals aren't being processed. 


I know I can create a custom attribute for a secondary e-mail, but is there a way to add that attribute to be recognized in the approval workflow or in the Admin - Email section?  We would need the system to be able to recognize both formats while our company is in transition.