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Authentication Agent 7.3.2 policy SendDomainName used twice

Question asked by Leanne McKay on Feb 20, 2017

Using group policies with RSA Authentication Agent  Was it intended for SendDomainName in these two policies to change the same registry flag?  That is, if I set to send domain+user to management server for Challenge, must I also send domain+user to management server for Password sync (and vice versa)?  In ADMX, they change the same registry key:  SOFTWARE\Policies\RSA\RSA Desktop\Local Authentication Settings\SendDomainName.  I worked this out because the policy HTML summary display in group policy management console shows the value as unresolvable to a template ('Extra Registry Settings') and when I searched, I found SendDomainName used in two ADMX files: RSA_Authentication_Agent and RSA_Authentication_Agent_Password_Synchronization.  GPMC needs the policy registry location to be unique.