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Location of the Hibernate.hbm.xml file within IGL

Question asked by Raul Tovar Sierra Employee on Feb 22, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by Boris Lekumovich



We added a custom attribute to the User table named "Postal Code" and the application got stuck. We then restarted the application but now we're getting the following screen:

Initialization operations completed with errors

In the logs we found the following error message:

Caused by: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00904: MASTERENTE0_"."CUS_ATTR_USER_CAS_49": invalid identifier


We then checked the T_MASTER_ENTERPRISE_USERS and the T_AV_CUSTOM_ATTRIBUTES tables and we found out the new attribute was there, but it seems restarting the server interrupted the rest of the configuration, so we decided to remove the attribute manually from both these tables in the hopes this would restore the system to its previous state but we kept getting the same error message.


We traced this identifier in the MasterEnterpriseUser.hbm.xml file under the following path:



Within this file we found this property:

<property name="CUS_ATTR_USER_CAS_49" column="[CUS_ATTR_USER_CAS_49]" type="java.lang.String" access="com.aveksa.server.db.ExtensibleUserPropertyAccessorString"/>


We tried to find the original Hibernate configuration in the aveksa.war file to remove this property so when we restart the application no reference is found and thus the restart happens without any problems next time, but we couldn't find it anywhere. Can somebody show us where to find the original Hibernate configuration file to edit it? Thank you in advance for your help.


We're using RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Version: P02.