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Report Engine Enrichment and email

Question asked by Maximiliano Cittadini on Feb 22, 2017

Hi there!
I have a little question about some needings of the report engine.
I have several events already parsed and indexed (let's say about two months of events) and I need basically two things:

1) Enrich the each row username with the manager's name, surname and email (in other words, enrich the report with three new columns). No matter about how I need to generate the manager's list
2) send the reports about that user to the manager (I wonder if I can use some var/meta into the "send to" email notification form under the scheduled report configuration)

(I have almost 2900+ "managers" in the organization and each manager must receive a report about all the people in his/her department)

Any idea, approach, findings will be very appreciated.