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Selective RSA Authentication

Question asked by Ashish Goel on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2017 by Edward Davis

Hi All,


I am installing a new RSA, and need to integrate it with LDAP. Integration with LDAP is done and i can see all AD account in RSA. Now, when i try to protect the resource, i want to setup i a way, that only manually allowed users are challenged by RSA. RSA should not challenge all users in AD. I set option to challenge all users except users in group, but that didnt served my request.


I believe another option will be map allowed users in a different group, that is not feasible as different users are from different AD group and have different polices applied.


Also, only the allowed request should see RSA prompt while login, all other should not see RSA login prompt.


Any Document or any Guidance to achieve that is highly appreciated.