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Account ID Generation using Naming Policy

Question asked by subhrajit das on Mar 1, 2017



We are currently using G&L 7.0.1 P01. We need to create a Register User form which will be responsible for provisioning account in AD for service providers for client.


The sAMAccountName generation policy is little tricky. Something like below:


1. First 6 letters of Last Name and first letter of first name. If unique create account else append second letter of firstname into it. Process goes on until account length is 10. If it reaches 10 then add 1 to it.


For John Arkhanda- It should be  ArkhanJ.

If its John Ag - then it should be   AgJoh


Now I don't see any option to check uniqueness of account ID while I use javascript in base-name transformation. Naming policy says to start uniqueness by 1 and increment by one which is not the requirement.


How can we implement? Any approach?