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What are the correct signatures 64-bit aceclnt.dll?

Question asked by Nicholas Wilson on Mar 2, 2017

Hi, I'm an RSA customer with some installations of the SecurID Authentication Agent.


I'm using the documented API for the Authentication Agent. The API is publicly documented here: Authentication Agent API 8.1.1 for C Developers Guide

However, the function signatures given in the API seem incorrect - in fact, I'm absolutely convinced that they are wrong on x64 machines.


The documentation states several times that the "userData" parameter is a 32-bit quantity, for example in the documentation for AceInit and AceGetUserData we see:

"This function is synchronous and the caller must supply, as the second argument, a pointer to a 32-bit storage area (that is, an unsigned int) into which to copy the user data value."

This is clearly false - from some experimentation, if you pass in a pointer to the center of a buffer filled with 0xff, the AceGetUserData is *definitely* writing out a 64-bit value, not a 32-bit quantity (it writes 8 bytes to memory).


Could RSA technical support please confirm this, and publish a clarification/correction to the documentation.


I have Authentication Agent DLL version installed.