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Reference Resolution against Multi-app Collector

Question asked by Prateek Bhatnagar on Mar 2, 2017

I am looking for some expert advice on how account resolution against Multi-app Account Data Collector (MADC) works in RSA VIA. I am running VIA version 6.9.1 P17, and have a multi-app account collector (called Windows Server Accounts) collecting local account data from numerous Windows servers (each server is configured as a business source in VIA). That piece works fine.


Next, I create a single app entitlement collector (called TEST EDC FOR UDB) to collect group entitlements for UDB database. For this database, I would like to resolve group members against the accounts collected by MADC for Windows. In the Account Evaluation screen, I select the MADC but there's no way for me to define from which business sources should these accounts come from. I would like to select a particular business source (the one running the database) to resolve these accounts against.


Am I missing some configuration here?