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Java API 8.2 AM SSL Handshake Errors

Question asked by Mark Schoonover on Mar 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2020 by Menna Elsharkawy

I'm starting to work with the above API. I've been able to configure my environment with all the libs, etc and the code compiles. I'm trying to get the working with my environment (8.2). I've followed the API docs on setting this up but in the end this is the error message:



<Mar 2, 2017 1:52:50 PM PST> <Info> <Security> <BEA-090905> <Disabling the CryptoJ JCE Provider self-integrity check for better startup performance. To enable this check, specify> 
<Mar 2, 2017 1:52:50 PM PST> <Info> <Security> <BEA-090906> <Changing the default Random Number Generator in RSA CryptoJ from ECDRBG128 to FIPS186PRNG. To disable this change, specify>
<Mar 2, 2017 1:52:50 PM PST> <Info> <Security> <BEA-090908> <Using the default WebLogic SSL Hostname Verifier implementation.>
ERROR, .com,,,,Attempting downgraded connection protocol to EJB/2.1.
ERROR, .com,,,,Unable to connect to downgraded EJB/2.1 command server.t3s:// Destination xx.xx.xx.xx, 7002 unreachable; nested exception is: General SSLEngine problem; No available router to destination
<<Snipped - same message repeated 6 times>>
Unable to authenticate user : Failed to connect with command server
C:\Users\m91153\AppData\Local\NetBeans\Cache\8.1\executor-snippets\run.xml:53: Java returned: 2
BUILD FAILED (total time: 6 seconds)

My workstation can ping the RSA box no problem so I don't think router in the error message is referring to that. I've export the SSL cert from the system and imported into a keystore.


I've also attached a screenshot of the file too.


Thanks for reading.