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aveksa-standalone-full.xml - Websphere

Question asked by Sabthami S on Mar 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by Andrew Ulliani

Hi All,


We are trying to find out “Aveksa-Standalone-full.xml” file on WebSphere Cluster Environment by “find” command but we are unable to locate “Aveksa-Standalone-full.xml” file. Is this file is specific to VIA L&G installation done on Wildfly application server ? We want to make the following  changes to aveksa-standalone-full.xml  file. The default value for Max parameter is 1000 we want to set it to 5000 to schedule the collector through Collector tab.


If the application is installed on WebSphere application server do we need to make the following change on some other file other than “aveksa-standalone-full.xml” ? If yes please let us know the file name in which file we have to make the changes.




Awaiting for you response !!!



Sabthami Subramanian