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need to undo the TLS 1.2 enable script

Question asked by George Nathaniel on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2017 by George Nathaniel

Hello all, 


I have the script to restore the previous settings and backout the TLS 1.2 script. 


I have a question about the sequence of steps... here is my plan... 

1. Run the script on the appliance with -r (restore switch)

      Does appliance need to be restarted?  do I need to also run on replica? 

2. Run the script on Web tiers. (we have internal Prime web servers and external DMZ webtiers)

      Do I need to restart bootstrapper or stop/restart services?

      Do I need to update webtiers in Ops console? 

      Do I need to run the script on the internal prime servers? 


Any steps I am missing>  or anything else to be aware of? 


We are running 8.1 patch14