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RSA AM 8.1 Breaking Replica

Question asked by SG Tech on Mar 13, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2017 by SG Tech

HelloCurently user having RSA AM 8.1 with 1 Replica in their setup, user want to break replica and create one more Primary for another domain in this case I need clarification and procedure for breaking Replica:

1)Do we need new licenses for setting up new primary

2)Any guide or steps for Breaking replica.


Up to my knowledge below are the steps, need RSA experts advise if any add-on or correct me if I am wrong any where:

1)Before deleting replica from Operations console of primary, go to Security console Access-> Authentication Agents-->Authentication Manager Contact list --> Automatic Rebalance.

2)After that go to Operations console and delete the replica instance from replication status report.

3)Remove the physical connections for replica appliance.