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refer to current user in entitlement view

Question asked by 489hukheLVkIsewIow774hSZyOgvTYLODoH44Wb8MQw= Employee on Mar 14, 2017

Dear All,


I want to make business owners able to start a change request for their applications/other business sources. Idea is to create an entitlement view which contains entitlements where business owner is the current user.

First idea was the to set "Entitlements of initial set to show" as following:

x."Business Owner" = '${avform.requestor.Id}'

It does not work, probably there is no avform when using the entitlement view.


I have also tried '${avform.requestor.Name}', '${avform.requestor.User_Id}', '${Current_user.Id}', '${Id}', '${User_id}' - non of them worked.

When I try the view an exact name like this: x."Business Owner" = 'XY' - it is working.


Any idea? Maybe use another feature instead of entitlement view?