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Output from a successful ssh script execution via AFX

Question asked by John Johnson Employee on Mar 14, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by Amit Khatua

I have an environment with IMG 6.9.1 P16; I have implemented a generic SSH connector to handle commands via PowerShell Server.  When there is an error during processing, AFX recognizes that there is an error and I can see that the output from the script is captured in T_AV_AFX_REQUEST_HISTORY in field DETAILED.


However if the script results in a zero (0) result code, the text that is returned by AFX is always "Request successfully processed" -- but the script executed by ssh outputs other information.  Is there any way to change this behavior?  Is there some other place that may capture the successful script output?


As a workaround, I was thinking about using "Command Output Parameters" -- but I'm not seeing a way to map the parameters to a variable for any capability except "Create an Account".  So this doesn't seem to be a viable workaround for other capabilities, such as "Disable an Account".


Why is this needed?  The script performs actions that need to be detailed in the CR or in an email (or other) communication back to admins and/or users.


Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Thank you!