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SecurityContext for only view specific ChangeRequests

Question asked by Gabriele Rusconi on Mar 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2017 by Gabriele Rusconi

I need to create a Role that allow members to only view all the Change Requests started by some Change Request Forms with some specific names.

I can't use Requests - Monitoring Policies because it allows the Perform action on all the the visible requests and I want to avoid it.

Than, I started with SecurityContext.csv configuration, in particular:

Change Request
Change Request about PTF ViewOnly
FORM_ID in (select FORM_ID from WP_FORM where upper(NAME) like '%PORTAFOGLI%' or NAME like '%PTF%')

is it the right approach?


If yes, may you help with the value of field SCOPE_TABLE and SCOPE_FILTER?

In particular:

  • is T_AV_CHANGE_REQUESTS the right table that handles the Change Request object? 
  • where can I find the value set of field FORM_ID of table T_AV_CHANGE_REQUESTS? I tried with select FORM_ID from WP_FORM but it seems that WP_FORM.FORM_ID has different values of T_AV_CHANGE_REQUESTS.FORM_ID.


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