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Reviewer Email Reminder Can Not Be Triggered

Question asked by Oguz Asik on Mar 21, 2017
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We want to send a reminder email to reviewers just 5 days before their duration time but when i test it in our development environment, we could not make it. Here are the actions I've taken below:

1-) I defined a duration date of a random review.

2) Then i defined the trigger date,workflow and reviewer information under escalations tab.

3-) I ran the review, and i assigned some entitlements to a reviewer.

4-) In the final case, I had a reviewer who has to finish his review lastly 5 days later and he had to get the reminder email immediately, however I could not manage to send him a reminder email.


   So, what could be the reason that i could not manage to send the reminder email do you think? Could it be about the reminder email workflow or about anything else?