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How should I troubleshoot a Critical Event Notification for LDAP connection?

Question asked by BENJAMIN MORRIS on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2018 by Suresh Varghese

I recently got an email from the RSA server for a Critical Event Notification. The body of the email is 

"Attention!  The following critical system event occurred: Failed to connect to LDAP Identity Source[<name of identity source>]."


I have gotten these emails from both the primary and the replica servers. The errors seem to resolve themselves on their own fairly quickly. I have not had a reported complaint of anyone failing to log in due to RSA. But I would like to troubleshoot the error to (1) find root cause and (2) use that root cause analysis to eliminate the alarm from happening. 


I'm familiar with what this content means -- there was some sort of connection problem to AD. However, I want to know where to look for more information. Are there logs that detail the types of connection problems that the server is having? Is this a symptom of a larger problem? Any info helps, thanks!