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Attribute synchronization - no synch processes triggered after collection

Question asked by John Landry Employee on Mar 28, 2017

Version 6.9.1 P18


Dear experts


I am trying to set up attribute synchronization.  When customer runs a second collection to collect the source attribute before completing the CR of a previous attribute synchronization the attribute in the end point to be updated is rolled back to it's former value.  I believe this is because the CR had not completed from the previous synch.


Can anybody confirm if this is expected behaviour.


Assuming this is the expected behaviour I suspect the customer issue will be to do with the attribute synch workflow.  To try and test this I have tried to set up an attribute synch in a lab.


I created a table in Oracle and populated with user_id and email_address.  I collected this data with an IDC I configured for this table and the raw data shows the user_id and email _address are collected as expected.


I created an AFX connector with update account capability for Active Directory to update user id and email address.  In test mode the connector updates AD as expected.


I created an attribute synchronization mapping.


I modified the 'Active Directory' directory AFX connector binding for the connector I created and also in the requests tab I set the workflow for attribute synchronization to 'Default AFX Workflow'.


My expectation is that when I change the source data in the database table and then run the Oracle collector, the change will be detected and attribute synch triggered by the collector.  The collector completes and the correct data is collected but there are no synchronization processes started and no change request.


Can anybody please point me in the right direction.