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Firewall Ports for Token-to-RSA-Server Communication

Question asked by BENJAMIN MORRIS on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2017 by Edward Davis

Hi RSA folks,


In the document000024531 - Which firewall ports need to be open for RSA SecurID 5.2-6.1 to work properly? , there are some helpful rules on what ports need to be opened between authentication agents and the RSA servers.


However, I didn't see any documentation about what ports need to be opened to allow the RSA Software token to connect to the RSA server.


I have exported the .CTF for my token and successfully transferred it to my Android device. However, when I click the link (beginning with, the Token App throws an error for 'Error communicating with server. Token import failed.'. There is no record of this communication on the server, so I expect this is a firewall/network issue.


How can I enable communication between my token software and my RSA server?