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Error parsing STIX xml file

Question asked by Jeremy Kerwin on Apr 6, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by Jeremy Kerwin

Hello all,

I have a STIX xml file that was provided to us from our country CERT. (It's TLP:AMBER so cannot share it), and I'm trying to use it as a feed.

When I try to import it I get the following error.


In the sa.log file I'm getting the following errors.


2017-04-06 05:05:12,281 [qtp684874119-140641] ERROR - STIX:Exception occured while trying to read the STIX xml stream.





Has anyone had experience in importing STIX files that might have some insight on what to look for?

I suspect the file I've got isn't actually STIX properly formatted.

I ran the file through v2.4.0 and the following output was returned.


[-] Performing xml schema validation on 2017-Intel-STIX.xml
[-] Results:2017-Intel-STIX.xml
[+] XML Schema: True