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Workflow Email Displaying Contents of Form for Approvals

Question asked by Chuck Good on Apr 5, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by Kumar Gaurav

I have been tasked with adding the form contents of the email sent out for approvals.  I have found this variable ${avform_contents}.


This adds the form selections in the email:


Application Whitelisting Approval:

  • Helpdesk_Ticket_Number=
  • Software_Version=1.1
  • Server_or_PC=Server
  • Business_Application=New Software
  • FormCurrentVersion=91
  • New_or_Existing_Software=New version of existing software
  • Selected_PC=null
  • Selected_Server=ent_6437979
  • Licensed_to_Use_the_Software=No
  • Software_Publisher=Vendor
  • Justification=To Stay Supported
  • Other_Users_or_Groups=null
  • Link_to_Software=null
  • Allow_or_Block=Allow
  • Software_Name=New Software


Does anyone know of way to get the entitlement name instead of the entitlement number? Instead of Selected_Server=ent_6437979  I want to show the name of the server which was selected Selected_Server=Server_ABC.


Or if someone has a way to send the actual form, like it looks in workflow, that would be even better.