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Business/Technical Owners of Directory

Question asked by Gabriele Rusconi on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by Mostafa Helmy

We implemented a Change Request to allow all the members of a Group to reset password of a accounts of a Directory resource.

The configuration requires to set those Group members as Business or Technical Owner of the Directory object otherwise the following error message is retrieved :


Because of the main  Business/Technical Owner attribute of the Directory allows a single user object selection 

and, instead, we need that all the members of a Group are Business/Technical Owner od the Directory; we used the other Directory attributes named Other Business/Technical Owners

But still get the same error


What I see is that member of the Group (Rusconi, Gabriele) has got the Aveksa Entitlement named Directory : Other Technical Owner but this seems is not sufficient.


Otherwise, If I set the same user as Technical Owner: 

I see that now the member of the Group has got the Aveksa Entitlement named Directory : Technical Owner and the issue is solved...but only one fixed and single user can be added.