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Rule to track Remote session followed by a Remote session.

Discussion created by Anuj Shrivastava on Apr 12, 2017
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Hi ,

I need to create a Rule where i can track the Consecutive Remote Desktop activity, 


If a user Login to a Server using RDP and Consecutively logs into a another server from that same server using a RDP again, means "Remote session from a server and then one more Remote Session from that Remote session.


server > Remote destop then another > Remote desktop> then another.


i need to track this.

I tried to create a ESA rule but it stuck on one place it is tracking all activity from a same user.dst but only for single server, but if a user takes a another session from a remote session itself it will change the destination server in logs, that i am not able to track in a "followed by"  Rule.


Thanks in Advance. \m/



Result also attached in Attachment  --- here you will see that same destination server is tracked for both of the time but i want to track the second remote session from a remote session, hence second remote session will change the second destination IP.