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SQLPlus DSN parameters?

Question asked by MICHELLE LABONTE on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2017 by Arthur Costigan

I am trying to setup an ODBC connection to an Oracle SQLPlus database. I cannot figure out which combination of parameters to include in the DSN. I have used every Oracle DSN template available in NetWitness... nothing works. I have also cycled through all the drivers available in /opt/netwitness/odbc/lib/ as well as all the ODBCHOME/lib/ *.zz listed in the other DSN templates. I also tried a MySQL driver I uploaded for another custom DSN and some others...(,, and


Test connection failed:Error! An error occurred creating an ODBC connection for DSN: TEST The trapped error is Unable to create an ODBC connection. DSN: TEST: username TEST_username; reason: state 81; error-code:0;description:523 80